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The last fifteen years of diesel engine technology have seen impressive advancements in all areas, and the agricultural industry is no exception. The majority of agricultural plant machinery is now using the very latest in common-rail injection technology. This has led us at GST MOTORSPORT to extend our expertise into the recalibration of their engine management systems.

Agricultural machinery experiences major benefits from recalibrating the ECU. The large-capacity engines fitted to plant machinery enable significant improvements in torque and tractability for farming and pulling machinery, providing great all-around drivability and decreased fuel consumption.


A GST MOTORSPORT Remap on your Agricultural Vehicle will offer:

The recalibration involves careful corrections to the fuel pressure, fuel injection duration boost pressures, and injections timing, as well as limiter control such as torque limitation, throttle response, and vehicle top speeds.

With agricultural manufacturers also using modular engines, there is some benefit to choosing the cheaper, lower-power variant and unlocking its potential with a GST MOTORSPORT Remap.

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