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GST Motorsport has developed a range of calibrations to give you the ultimate choice of options. For diesel or petrol applications, our system allows you to specify exactly which options you would like and the exact requested values. Once the values have been entered, our bespoke system will automatically generate the software.

DSG ECU Remap Options:

Increased RPM Limiter

When a vehicle is equipped with DSG, the RPM limiter must be set both inside the engine ECU and the DSG controller to take effect. Our software ensures that both controllers have the same limit set ensuring a wider rev range.

Increased Shift Speeds

The actuation of the gear selector is controlled by the Controller. Our software upgrade can increase the shift speed by up to 20%. Faster gear selection translates directly into faster sprint times.

Increased Maximum Torque

The DSG controller has a maximum internal torque allowance setting. If you tune the engine ECU to provide torque figures in excess of the gearbox allowance, it will be restricted to that of the DSG controller. Raising the maximum torque allowance of the DSG releases potential power gains from the engine ECU.

Launch Control

 All DSG controllers have launch control built into the software. We are able to activate or deactivate launch control and set the RPM points to customers’ requirements.

Kick Down

The DSG controller also controls the kick-down function. We are able to stop the auto kick-down, enabling the vehicle to be driven in gear at lower RPMs without auto change.


The GST Motorsport Tuning solution gives you ultimate software customisation to ensure that the performance of your car meets your exact hardware setup and driving style.

How to book for your DSG Tune / TCU Upgrade with GST MOTORSPORT

To get more information on your particular vehicle, visit our Contact Us page and send through an enquiry, or contact us today on 071 878 7992 to speak with us directly.

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