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What is an ECU Remap?

An ECU Remap is an update of the engine management system that installs new software to change the operating parameters of the engine. An ECU Remap alters parameters including the throttle position, fuel duration, boost pressures, torque limiters, boost limiters, fuel pressure limiters, lambda correction, and more. 

Engine Tuning and ECU Remapping have become huge industries over the last fifteen years as modern engines have become fully electronic, and are able to receive engine tuning via ECU Remapping.

What are the benefits of an ECU Remap?

An ECU Remap provides a much-improved drive with sharper throttle response, greater in-gear flexibility, more power throughout the entire RPM range, and improved fuel economy for diesel engines. 

Why choose a GST Motorsport ECU Remap?

Through our extensive development programs, a GST Motorsport ECU Remap provides performance increases that are not only safe and reliable, but also are also ahead of the curve in terms of power and performance. 

We are experienced software developers who write and develop all software in-house, with no third-party software and no use of copy-paste. We work on all makes of ECUs and can adapt our Tuning software to suit your requirements.

We provide all stages of Tuning from stage 1 upwards, and can also accommodate injector changes, custom turbos, DPF Delete, EGR Delete, and much more. All of our software is developed using our custom 2WD/4WD linked dynamometers

We test and log all engine parameters under all load conditions to ensure that boost pressures are constant, fuelling is within the correct tolerances, exhaust gas temperatures are not too high, and that there is no additional soot on turbo diesel engines.

How to book for your ECU Remap with GST MOTORSPORT

To get more information on your particular vehicle, visit our Contact Us page and send through an enquiry, or contact us today on 071 878 7992 to speak with us directly.

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