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Whether you are looking for more power or torque, our tried and tested software will unleash the true potential of your vehicle.

GST Motorsport tried and tested performance software is specifically designed for South African conditions and fuels. We develop our own software in-house, which gives us endless flexibility to provide the exact results you need from your ECU Remap. A custom GST Motorsport tune can provide you with all stages of upgrade, from basic ECU Remap right up to full engine conversions.


The engine is controlled by a microcomputer commonly called an Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU controls different parts of the engine, like the ignition timing and the amount of fuel injected into the engine. It takes certain variables into account, such as engine temperature, engine revolutions (RPM), air temperature, exhaust gas temperature (EGT), and throttle position. 

All of this is communicated via various sensors connected to the engine. The ECU reads out certain pre-programmed values in the map for ignition and injection timing values, and will compensate where needed for different engine loads and temperatures. The best available amount of fuel and optimum ignition timing can be calculated from these maps, in conjunction with each different sensor value. 

Our engineers can adjust, tune, and optimise these maps for performance or economy using our specialised software via a direct cable connection to the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostic) port on your vehicle.


Chip tuning is the original definition of modern-day ECU Remapping. Chip tuning involves removing the Eprom from the ECU and programming the software to the chip on the bench. The software inside the chip is referred to as remapping, i.e., altering the standard software within a chip.  

Chip tuning has become less prevalent in the industry, as OBD remapping enables remapping to be performed easily via the OBD port. While these processes are similar, OBD port remapping is less intrusive and requires no removal or opening of the ECU. 

The latest generation of ECUs has what is referred to as a locked TriCore processor. This has removed the ability to install software via the OBD port. The only method available is to open the ECU and remap it via a direct connection. It is much less invasive than chip tuning, as you do not remove the Eprom. 

We work on all ages of ECU, from the early EDC's requiring chip tuning through to modern MEDC17 locked tricore processor ECUs with tuner protection.

All of our software is dyno developed and logged to ensure engine parameters are accurately monitored for the following:

 Air Fuel Ratios (AFR’s)

It is important to achieve optimum AFR in order to ensure a stoichiometric mixture. This means that the engine isn’t running too lean or rich a fuel mixture. It also ensures that your engine is MOT compliant.

Boost Pressure

Achieving the correct boost pressure control is vital in ensuring there are no spikes or dips, which helps to maintain the life of the turbocharger. A spike in the boost delivery can cause over-boosting, which pressurises the compressor to a level it cannot manage.

Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT)

Increasing the fuelling and boost pressures of an engine naturally increases the EGT. It is important to log the EGT of an engine, as there is a crucial limit that should not be surpassed to maintain longevity. This is a good tool for monitoring the efficiency of uprated intercoolers.

Injector Duty Cycles (IDC)

It is crucial to know the fuelling limitation of the injector. Some modern cars have injectors with 100% IDC from standard, meaning there is no room for further modification without upgrading the injectors. If a turbo application has the boost pressure raised, without additional fuel available, the engine would run lean and potentially melt your pistons.

As a result of fine monitoring and adjustment to our super chip, we provide safe and reliable tuning solutions, and will not operate outside of the engine’s capabilities on standard components. Your vehicle’s reliability is as important to us as it is to you.

How to book for your Performance Tune with GST MOTORSPORT

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